Historia de Caveduke

CAVEDUKE was born, more than twenty-five years ago from a group of business friends, fans of the world of wine, who decided to create a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of wine cabinets.
Like everything in life, the beginnings were not easy, but with great enthusiasm and believing in that project they continued forward. Little by little they positioned their product in the market, they created the CAVEDUKE brand, which would be the company’s insignia together with its logo (the peculiar curved tower) and they registered it in the main markets of the world: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and many other countries.
Within the world of wine, CAVEDUKE is today more than just a brand, it is a philosophy, a lifestyle with neat aesthetics. Its wine cabinets are present in the world’s leading restaurants and in many homes that love the fascinating world of wine. CAVEDUKE not only takes care of the quality of the product and that it meets all the characteristics so that such a delicate product, the wine, evolves in the bottle in the most perfect way, but also takes care of its aesthetics, an elegant and stylized aesthetic, characteristics of the brand since its inception. All this will make your wine cabinet your pride and the envy of those who do not own it.

The idea was born in a small workshop.
A small sales network was created.
The company received a national award for its original idea.
The Caveduke brand was registered in Spain.
Caveduke was consolidated as the number 1 national brand in the sector and registered in Europe and America.
Caveduke invented the world’s smallest wooden wine cabinet.
The Caveduke Dualviteca system was born.
Caveduke registered a patent for the two-door model. Front and rear.
We are the number 1 Spanish company in the sector in the national and international market with more presence in the media.
Caveduke registered a patent for the Wine Dispenser model, the world’s first wine dispenser without installation, creating a major impact on the market.
Caveduke created a wine dispenser with dosage programming capable of serving more than 1,000 bottles with a single charge of nitrogen.
Caveduke launched the Instant Glass Freezer, which freezes glasses to minus 45 degrees Celsius in 3 seconds.
Caveduke launched the VR2 the ultra-fast (in seconds) wine and champagne bottle cooler.