Showcases to mature meat

Model SE-180 measures 1.73 high x 60 cm wide x 70 cm deep


Traders, butchers, and specialty restaurants will recover the cost with three full loads matured. This is a realistic calculation: half of a quality calf, with a high percentage of intramuscular fat, costs between €11 and €18/kg if it is collected at the slaughterhouse.

After four to six weeks of maturation, the loin cuts have doubled their market value. A dry-aged steak from indigenous breeds can cost more than €50/kg. These devices work like a refrigerator with perfect air circulation and humidity that ranges between 60 and 90% so that the natural loss of the meat during maturation is not very high. They have an active carbon filter and glass with protection against ultraviolet rays, as well as a special LED light that does not affect the meat and gives it more visibility during the exposure of the meat while it is maturing.


When we talk about the meat maturation process, we must bear in mind that this process begins after the slaughter of the animal. From that moment, contrary to what is thought, positive changes take place in the meat. Under optimal conditions, the advantages of a well-executed maturation will be many. It will become more tender, increasing its juiciness and enhancing its aroma and flavor.

It is a natural process that maximizes, therefore, the aroma, smell and taste of beef. With this maturation period, unique and spectacular nuances are achieved. The flavor of the beef is concentrated thanks to the loss of moisture and several properly controlled techniques.


Model SE-180 measures 1.73 high x 60 cm wide x 70 cm deep

  • R600a refrigerant
  • Door with stainless steel frames and 3-layer glass
  • 3 metal shelves (1 shelf in BA46C) + 1 hanging bar + 3 hangers
  • 1 SaltAir stainless steel tray
  • Touch control with LED display
  • With UVC system
  • White LED light
  • Compressor fan cooling refrigeration
  • Stainless steel ventilation socket with water tank